What is Smart Coffee and Keto Coffee? Does it Work for Weight Loss?

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock—or just couldn’t care less about the hottest new health trends—chances are you’ve heard of the keto diet. But what does the keto diet have to do with coffee? It’s all about a rising trend within a trend: Keto Coffee. By sipping a specially-concocted brew, drinkers not only enjoy a coffee that compliments the keto diet, but supposedly kicks results into overdrive.

What is the Keto Diet?

In the very simplest of terms, keto is a low-carb, high-protein diet with similar diets existing in some form since at least 500 BC. Essentially, by depriving the body of carbs and sugars, then replacing substances with fats and proteins, one enters a metabolic state called ketosis. With no sugar or carbs to burn, the body will instead attack only the fat, presumably leading to rapid weight loss and better mental clarity.

Though low-carb diets are nothing new (think Atkins, South Beach, etc.), the keto version currently reigns supreme thanks to vehement support from high profile celebrities, athletes and influencers. With so many well-known people touting keto as a surefire method to lose weight and increase brain function, countless industries are vying to get in on the action—including coffee.

What Is Keto Coffee?

There are many different coffee recipes and products developed specifically to work within a keto diet. Two of the most successful offerings include the Elevate Smart Coffee and the wildly popular Bulletproof, or Keto Butter, Coffee. Let’s take a look at these possible replacements to your typical daily brew.

Smart Coffee

Since coming on the market in 2014, Smart Coffee has emerged on the scene as a keto-friendly instant coffee leader. Created primarily to help people lose weight, Smart Coffee's all-natural ingredients supposedly work together as an energy booster and an appetite suppressant.

Though many people swear by Smart Coffee and no significant red flags exist (though you should always talk to your doctor before starting any new supplement), it is labeled as a dietary supplement—not a coffee. This alone should signal that weight loss is a priority over taste—and many reviewers on Amazon agree. Coffee purists might rightfully ask: does this even count as coffee?

In short, if shedding pounds wins out over taste when it comes to what’s essential to your coffee, Smart Coffee might be worth a look. But if the morning’s just not right without a real, delicious cup of joe, skip the instant, highly-formulated stuff and look at another option.

Bulletproof, or Keto Butter, Coffee

Did your eyes widen the first time someone suggested adding butter to coffee? You’re far from alone. Most people can’t comprehend the appeal of the Bulletproof Coffee (also called “Keto Butter Coffee) at first. But it’s hard to ignore the millions of converts and online buzz lauding foamy, creamy concoction.

The theory is that by combining coffee, butter made from grass-fed cows and a specific type of oil called MCT (medium chain triglycerides), hunger cravings are suppressed, brain fog dissipates and energy levels are balanced and sustained. Also, by blending these ingredients, the bubbles fill up your stomach enough to stave off hunger until lunchtime making it a morning meal replacement.

Curious how a coffee full of butter and oil is supposed to help drinkers lose weight? Excellent question. At around 450 calories a cup, it probably won’t. Unless you’re already strongly adhering to a keto diet, or your typical breakfast previously surpassed Bulletproof’s calorie count, don’t expect to drop pounds.

However, if weight loss isn’t a priority—or you’re already adhering to a strict keto diet—Bulletproof Coffee might become a favorite part of your morning routine. Bulletproof converts swear by the enlightened mental boost they receive.

Or if you’d prefer another legendary global beverage that’s actually low in calories, why not go with our favorite—a simple coffee? At zero calories black and just a few more with a splash of cream, some drinks can’t match the classics.

In short, if keto-based coffee is integrated into a healthy diet, it may help—and likely won’t hurt—your weight loss, energy levels or overall health goals. However, don’t rely on Smart Coffee or Bulletproof Coffee alone to do the job. There’s no “magic bullet” that will gift you instant abs or boundless focus.

However, if the curiosity won’t end, why not try adding keto-based coffee to your morning routine and find out for yourself? Honestly, any excuse to drink more coffee is good enough for us!

Ready to try a Bulletproof coffee for yourself? Here’s a recipe from Carta Coffee Merchants.

Bulletproof Carta Coffee Recipe

2 cups Freshly Prepared Carta Coffee

2 tbsp Grass Fed Butter

1 tbsp Coconut Oil (or an alternative MCT oil)

Blend all ingredients with a blender or milk frother until creamy and foamy. For an extra touch, add a splash of cream, a dash of cinnamon or a drop of stevia. Enjoy!

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