Top Coffee Trends to Watch for in 2019

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2019 coffee trends

The new year is finally upon us, and with the new year comes new trends in coffee. From interesting flavor pairings to a growing interest in taking care of ourselves—and our planet—the coffee industry is proving they are being anything but stagnant.

By far, the most exciting new statistic is that more people than ever are choosing to drink coffee. According to the National Coffee Association’s recently published 2018 National Coffee Drinking Trends Report, the popularity of drinking coffee in the U.S. has risen from 57% to 62% in a single year!

So aside from expecting a more crowded coffee shop, what other coffee trends are on the horizon in the coming year? Let’s find out!

Butter, or Bulletproof, Coffee

The combination of butter and coffee might sound strange at first, but millions worldwide can’t start their mornings without this frothy, blended drink. Also known as Bulletproof coffee, it’s not just about the extra silky smoothness mixing butter and coffee brings—it also increases your morning cup’s nutritional value and keeps drinkers fuller longer.

As we’ve mentioned in past blogs, coffee is incredibly healthy for you and its caffeine boost can take effect within two minutes. The introduction of unsalted, grass-fed butter or ghee (a type of clarified butter) may add some calories but slows the absorption of caffeine, coffee’s antioxidants, butter’s healthy fats and other nutrients. This creates a more sustained energy boost that keeps the mind alert without brain fog or that dreaded caffeine crash.

Though butter coffee has mostly been blended in the kitchens of their devotees, expect to start seeing this new, delicious concoction offered in more coffee shops near you.

Cold Brew

Any regular coffee drinker knows that the cold brew trend has taken the industry by storm. Now that its popularity looks to only be growing, you’ll see cold brew popping up in more coffee shops, on more store shelves and with new, enticing twists.

Baristas have already begun experimenting with flavors and recipes that’ll elevate your typical cold brew with additions like chai or Kahlua. Now, infusions of syrups, spices, fruits and other mixtures are also expected to make a bigger splash in 2019. And the already huge success of nitro cold brew will continue to dominate.

One of our favorite cold brew enhancements is easy to make at home or order at most cafés—a healthy pour of coconut milk or water. Just a dash will evoke a small reminder of the Island Life. Or if you’re ready to feel like you’re dipping your toes in the warm Hawaiian sand, try a half and half concoction of coconut milk and cold brew.

Bubbly Brew

As the popularity of flavored sparkling water like La Croix continues to soar, expect that trend to start popping up in your coffee as well. Skip any initial hesitance and give this thirst-quenching take on our favorite drink a serious chance.

Sipping an iced espresso or cold brew in the dog days of summer is already a refreshing choice. Now imagine topping it off with a splash of tonic water. There’s nothing quite like the gentle pop of bubbles fizzing on your tongue—and why shouldn’t coffee get in on the fun? It’s a great way to cool down while getting your buzz on at the same time.


The Chemex coffee maker made its debut way back in the early 20th century, but it’s always taken a back seat to more popular brewing methods like the French press or home brewers. However, this slow pour-over method is starting to make a serious comeback at home and in coffeehouses.

Showing off an elegant, hourglass-shaped maker, taste nothing less than a smooth, slightly citrusy, sip fully free of grounds. To make a daily batch in a Chemex, users place thick paper filters in the top section of the coffee maker. Grounds (preferably regular) are placed inside the filter and not quite boiling water is gradually poured into the filter. Then it’s all about waiting.

Once all of the desired water is poured onto the grounds, wait for the water to completely pass through. Then remove the filter, pour into your mug and enjoy! With minimal cleanup and a darn good cup of coffee, you’ll always be starting your day off right.


As more consumers become aware of the importance of sustainability, so do coffee companies. This has created an increasing number of Earth-conscious coffee producers and drinkers seeking a more sustainable way to enjoy coffee.

Thankfully, manufacturers are making it easier than ever to buy a greener bean. Forget guessing or feigning ignorance. With an intricate labeling system and better education for both baristas and coffee connoisseurs, we can all proudly get our buzz on guilt-free.

Ready for incredible, sustainable beans perfect for the 2019 coffee trends? At Carta Coffee, we promise only the highest-quality coffee crafted with passion. Made from 100% Premium Kona coffee grown and harvested on our family farm, order a bag today and taste the most exceptional beans on the planet.

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