Meridian Roast

$ 29.00

Meridian Roast

  • Clean citrus highlights presented with hint of acid in a medium, and slightly smoky cup of joe.
  • 100% Kona Coffee
  • Direct from the farm to your door
  • Dried in the Kona Sun
  • Natural and traditional drying processes
  • Medium roasting technique

Meridian Roast a medium roast in the portfolio: a blend of small batches and unique lots from Carta’s own Nolyssa Farm and likeminded small Kona farms, using both natural and traditional drying techniques.

Lovers of a lighter, yet complex roast will be delighted with Meridian. What to expect? Notes of citrus flower and fruit give this expression bright acidity tempered by the deeper, earthier nuances of hazelnut, dark chocolate and subtle smoke. Slightly sweet and creamy in texture.  


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