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If the bean isn't exceptional, then the coffee won't be either. But, exceptional beans don't just grow on their own -- they need attention and care. At Carta Coffee, we believe that care begins first with the nurturing of the soil, then the plants and cherries and then the beans. We draw on our passion for farming to craft a supremely delicious cup of 100% Kona coffee. From our farm to your cup.

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Our unique background in farming and viticulture allows us to create coffee that fully embraces your senses, from each layer of flavor to the overall aroma, mouthfeel and experience. After all, we're crafting for you the same caliber and quality of coffee we want to enjoy!

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If the bean isn’t exceptional, then the coffee won’t be either

We harvest our beans from our mixed-elevation, sloping 6-acre farm, called Nolyssa Farm, in the Kealakekua district of Kona. We also source beans from select small and sustainably-minded farms in Kona.

Hear the story behind our coffee farm in our video.

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