Latitude Natural Process

$ 29.00

Latitude Natural Process


Medium Roast 

100% Kona Coffee

Whole beans 

6oz bag. 

The natural (or dry) process is one of the oldest methods of coffee production. Coffee cherries are picked and then directly dried under the Kona sun as full cherries. Once the cherry is dried, it turns into a dark brown pod that is hard to the touch; the green seed is then taken out, leaving the other layers behind. This is an incredibly labor-intensive and hands-on method, which is exactly the kind of challenge embraced by Carta founder, Scott Burr. As a winemaker and farmer, Scott thrives on trying innovative and challenging techniques, especially if it means offering something truly special to his customers. 

Kona Coffee known for being low in acid this roast is exceptionally smooth with hints of blueberry, brown sugar, and honey with a smooth, sweet complex finish.

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