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If the bean isn’t exceptional, then the coffee won’t be either. But, exceptional beans don’t just grow on their own -- they need attention and care. At Carta Coffee, we believe that care begins first with the nurturing of the soil, then the plants and cherries and then the beans. We draw on our passion for farming to craft a supremely delicious cup of 100% Kona coffee. From our farm to your cup.

Our unique background in farming and viticulture allows us to create coffee that fully embraces your senses, from each layer of flavor to the overall aroma, mouthfeel and experience. After all, we’re crafting for you the same caliber and quality of coffee we want to enjoy! We source beans from our own Nolyssa Farm, a mixed elevation, sloping 6-acre piece of land in the Kealakekua district of Kona, as well as from select small, sustainably-minded farms throughout Kona.

Each small batch of hand-harvested coffee reflects the flavors and culture of Kona, Hawaii, giving you a taste of the superlative coffee farming craft and tradition on the island.


From Grape Growing to Coffee Farming

Scott Burr, Carta Coffee’s founder, was born to work the land. Representing the third generation of grape growers and winemakers, Scott helped his family to tend to the vineyards and gardens throughout his childhood in the agricultural heart of Northern California. It was there that he developed a deep appreciation for the often unpredictable art of farming, eventually earning a B.S. in Enology and Food Science from Fresno State University. Scott went on to make a 20-plus year career of advising vineyard owners and wineries around the world on how to make the best wine possible. Through travels to the islands of Hawaii, he fell in love with the region of Kona and its coffee, noting similarities between with grape growing and winemaking and coffee farming and producing. He developed an appreciation for the nuanced flavor and soft and supple notes of 100% Kona coffee. No two batches were the exactly same, similar to wine.

Years of travel left him yearning to plant his feet firmly on the ground and to roll up his sleeves and get his hands in the soil. With its Aloha spirit and generosity, clear blue waters and rich agricultural tradition, Kona spoke to him. Scott began the journey to find the perfect farm and to bring to life his vision for a coffee company specializing in small-batch, 100% Kona Coffee. His search ended with a 6-acre overgrown coffee farm overlooking the Pacific Ocean. After months of careful rehabilitation of the land and coffee trees, Scott completed the first harvest from the property in 2015, now called Nolyssa Farm after his children Nolan and Alyssa.

Kona has allowed Scott to finally get back to his roots doing what he loves most: cultivating and caring for the land and producing exceptional beverages that stimulate every sense with terroir-rich, incredible flavors – the foundation of Carta Coffee Merchants


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