Carta Coffee Store

Welcome to the Carta Coffee store! We’re thrilled to showcase here the very first fruits of our labor from our inaugural Carta harvest – which means that you will be among the very first to taste our coffees. Currently, our coffee can only be purchased online: direct from our farms to your door. We also offer an array of Carta Coffee merchandise for our supporters and coffee lovers.

Our goal with Carta Coffee Merchants is to offer customers directly the most interesting, beautiful and delicious expressions of 100% Kona coffee, using the best farming practices possible. Founded by Scott Burr, California winemaker and industry veteran, Carta prides itself on presenting some very unique approaches to coffee production, including offering side-by-side tastings of different processing styles, from drying and roasting techniques to showcasing harvest selections from specific growth plots. Some of these ideas are very labor intensive, but if done correctly, will make for very flavorful and truly remarkable cups of coffee. We look forward to sharing our coffees with you!


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