Captain's Roast


$ 29.00

Captain's Roast Details:

  • Taste a balance of smooth sweetness and clean citrus highlights presented in a deep, dark, and slightly smoky cup of joe.
  • 100% Kona Coffee
  • Direct from the farm to your door
  • Dried in the Kona Sun
  • Natural and traditional drying processes
  • Deep roasting technique

About Captain's Roast

Carta’s Captain’s Roast is founder Scott Burr’s first signature roast, created using a deeper roasting technique to produce the rich, dark, slightly smoky cup of joe that Scott personally loves to kickstart his day! A blend of small batches and unique lots from Nolyssa Farm and partner Kona farms, using both natural and traditional drying processes.

As a mash-up of processes and sources, the Captain’s Roast is a complete and delicious surprise: a balance of smooth sweetness of the natural process and clean citrus highlights from the traditional approach, presented in a deep, rich roast. We’re excited!

6 ounces or 12 ounces

"Carta Coffee offers the very finest expressions of single origin, handcrafted, 100% Kona Coffee available."

- Jetsetting Fashionista

"100% Kona Coffee from Carta Coffee Merchants is both dynamic and delicious"

-Travel by ENTREE

"If your hosts are coffee aficionados, they will love sipping on Carta Coffee Merchants 100% Kona coffee.

- Sonoma Magazine

Curious as to why 100% Kona is priced differently than other coffees you are familiar with? Read this article from our blog to find out!



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