2oz bags special Captain's and Meridian Roast


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A fun and easy way to try our 100% Kona Coffee. Great for a gift, for the office, surprise for a friend, or just traveling and want to take coffee with you.

2 bags; a 2 ounce bag of the Captain's Roast and a 2 ounce bag of our Meridian Roast.  Sale price of $20.00 for the two.   regular price $12.50 per 2oz bag


Captain's Roast

Carta’s Captain’s Roast is founder Scott Burr’s first signature roast, created using a deeper roasting technique to produce the rich, dark, slightly smoky cup of joe that Scott personally loves to kickstart his day! A blend of small batches and unique lots from Nolyssa Farm and partner Kona farms, using both natural and traditional drying processes.

As a mash-up of processes and sources, the Captain’s Roast is going to be a complete and delicious surprise: a balance of smooth sweetness of the natural process and clean citrus highlights from the traditional approach, presented in a deep, rich roast. We’re excited!

Meridian Roast

100% Kona Coffee.  Carta Coffee’s latest release, the Meridian Roast is the lightest blend in the portfolio: a blend of small batches and unique lots from Carta’s own Nolyssa Farm and likeminded small Kona farms, using both natural and traditional drying techniques.

Lovers of a lighter, yet complex roast will be delighted with Meridian. What to expect? Notes of citrus flower and fruit give this expression bright acidity tempered by the deeper, earthier nuances of hazelnut, dark chocolate and subtle smoke. Slightly sweet and creamy in texture. 

"Over all I will have to say this is a perfect cup of coffee, roasted at Carta! So go out, and treat yourself by getting a bag for yourself, or for that someone special you want to impress! This would do it!" - Click to Read the Full Review



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