Latitude Black and Tan Roast

$ 29.00

Latitude-Black and Tan Roast

  • 100% Kona Coffee

  • Sun Dried

  • Blend of Natural and Traditional

  • Chocolate, citrus notes


 Latitude Black and Tan Roast, 100% Kona Coffee, the blend of green beans is a mixture of our Natural (coffee bean dried in the cherry skin) and our Traditional (wet mill process bean dried without skin).  All of Carta Coffee is dried in the Kona sun.  The blend was split into two and roasted to a dark (black) and lighter (tan) the roasted coffee was mixed and packaged.  The result is the same beans roasted two ways to give a complex roast with a harmony of flavor.  The coffee is creamy in texture with notes of chocolate, nutty, earthy, bright citrus and mellow acid.


Carta coffee Merchants Black and Tan: exoticness in a cup

- Coffee Ken  Click for full review


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