Introducing Our New light Roast: Meridian!

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This time last year, Carta Coffee was offering its inaugural harvest of 100% Kona coffee directly from our farm to your cup. A year later - and in time for the holidays, we’re excited to roll out our newest expression - and the lightest in the bunch - our Meridian Roast.

Discover the Lightest Blend in the Carta Portfolio

Slightly sweet and creamy, our Meridian Roast is a blend of small 100% Kona coffee batches and unique lots from Carta’s own Nolyssa Farm, as well as sustainable small Kona farms. Scott used both natural and traditional drying techniques to create this delightfully complex roast.

As you sip on Meridian, you’ll notice bright notes of citrus flower and acidic fruit balanced by deeper, earthier flavors of hazelnut, dark chocolate and subtle smoke. Adding milk and sugar isn’t necessary, as this delicious blend is subtly sweet and creamy in texture. Lovers of lighter roasts will be captivated by the enticing flavors that make up Meridian.

Meridian Food Pairings

While our previous roasts have been darker and richer in nature, a lighter roast opens up a new world of food pairing opportunities. For breakfast, Meridian pairs beautifully with coffee cake, oatmeal, fruit bowls, and nutty baked goods, like muffins or biscotti. Lighter breakfasts are a good match for a lighter roast, and any baked good with hazelnut in it will complement Meridian’s hazelnut nuances.

When it comes to dessert, indulge in oatmeal raisin cookies, hazelnut chocolate, swedish nut cake, or a fruit tart while sipping on Meridian. While light desserts with nuts and chocolate are great pairings, don’t forget that acidic fruits will play nicely with Meridian’s citrus flower and fruit flavor.

Exploring Light vs Dark

If you love lighter roasts, you’re in luck. Scott’s exploration of lighter roasts didn’t stop at Meridian. We are also happy to release our second Side-By-Side Tasting Sampler, which showcases a light and dark roasting technique using the same beans.

This sampler is an exciting (and delicious) way to learn about how roasting techniques affect the flavor of the same bean. We recommend brewing two cups at a time, one with the lighter roast and one with the dark roast, and comparing their flavors.

Ask yourself these questions when tasting. How many different flavor notes can you identify in each cup by smelling and tasting? How would you describe those individual flavors? What does each coffee feel like in your mouth? You may be surprised by what you discover.

Our Side-By-Side (SBS) Tasting Sampler is a uniquely fun gift for the coffee lover in your life. They’ve likely never experienced comparing roasts like this before, especially when it comes to tasting 100% Kona coffee. Buy our new SBS Tasting Sampler today.

We are so excited to expand our collection of sustainable, high quality, 100% Kona coffee, directly from our farm. Click here to purchase our Meridian Roast today and be one of the first to experience it! Don’t forget to let us know what you think. After all, Scott crafts his coffee for you. You may just see your suggestions come to life in our next harvest.

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