How to Cook With Coffee: From Simple to Extravagant

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In today’s go-go-go world, it’s hard to survive without the help of coffee. The caffeine boost isn’t the only benefit. The delicious coffee beverage comes in so many forms now that it might be a bit overwhelming to pick just one. But this article isn’t about finding the perfect coffee beverage. This article is about cooking with coffee and infusing every meal with a new twist.


While your typical breakfast might involve coffee, I doubt that you try to put it into everything that you make. You might make a coffee cake or something, but that’s as far as you go. But there’s a world of breakfast food that you can make with coffee as an ingredient. While covering all the recipes is impossible, here’s one to give you a taste of just what you can do with your favorite breakfast beverage.

Greek yogurt with coffee fig compote is the first recipe of the day. It already sounds super complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. Making compote involves putting all of your ingredients in a pot, and allowing them to simmer for a long period of time. After that period, you take out the large ingredients (in this case, figs) and allow the liquid to simmer for a little bit longer. This creates a syrup that you will combine with the figs again and then pour on top of Greek yogurt.

This recipe is full of delicious spices and contains an extra little caffeine kick to keep you going through the day. If you decide to make this, then you’ll be able to kick yourself into gear on a morning where even two or three cups of coffee aren’t helping.


Coffee bacon sandwiches come next for lunch. To the breakfast food lovers, this may already sound amazing. Coffee and bacon? It’s sure to be a hit.

In this recipe, you take a package of bacon and create a paste from ground coffee beans, brown sugar, molasses, chili powder, and some water. Brown sugar and bacon is already a popular combo, so adding coffee is going to kick it up a notch. Marinating the bacon may take a couple of hours, but the end result of cooked bacon with some of the marinade still on it is delicious.

While this recipe does go even further with an original goat cheese, dates, lemon and chili spread, you don’t have to go that far. Honestly, you could probably just eat this bacon on its own. But if you want the whole experience, just go ahead and follow this recipe to create a fantastic and unique sandwich.


For dinner, how about some short ribs braised in coffee ancho chile sauce? For this delicious dish, the coffee serves as a marinade. Season the ribs with salt and pepper and then brown them over high heat. While the ribs are browning, add chile puree to a skillet over low heat and cook for five minutes. Add water and ½ cup of brewed coffee and bring to a boil. Pour the mixture over the ribs and cook in the oven until tender, about three hours.

You may love to drink coffee, but there are ways to use your favorite beverage that will leave you needing more of it in your house. Aside from foods, there are even beers that use coffee as one of their main ingredients, like the Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout. If you’re looking to try something new with coffee, just take a look around, find some new recipes and maybe a new beer. You won’t regret getting your hands on some more coffee. Need coffee ideas? Check out our 100% premium Kona coffee selection.

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