Top 4 Coffee Magazines for Flavor Enthusiasts

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Top Coffee Magazines

With the year coming to a close, it’s time to think about holiday gifts for your loved ones. If you have a special coffee lover in your life, a subscription to a coffee magazine may be the perfect gift. Coffee magazines can open up an entirely new world of coffee to your loved one, introducing them to the latest coffee trends and transforming the way they experience their favorite drink. You can bundle your magazine with a bag of artisanal coffee straight from the farm to make it even more special.

The four coffee magazines we chose to feature in this article provide its readers with a wealth of interesting information about specialty coffee, along with beautiful imagery to for an immersive experience. Here are our top four magazine choices for flavor enthusiasts.

Fresh Cup Magazine

Fresh Cup will keep you in the know about the latest coffee and tea trends in the industry. From stories about the effect of climate change on coffee farming to beautifully visual features on unique coffeehouses around the world, this monthly magazine is a great choice for those who are interested in coffee news and industry tips. You will often find a nice mix of editorial pieces on exotic and distant coffee alongside more local news.

Caffeine Magazine

Caffeine Magazine is passionate about featuring independent coffeemakers and providing its readers with new ways to experience their favorite drink. You can find interviews with iconic coffee lovers, guides to cafes across the world, articles about pairing coffee with food, seasonal coffee recipes, and more! Though the magazine is based in the London, you can buy it in print or online in the U.S.

Learn About Coffee Brewing Techniques in Coffee Magazines

Imbibe Magazine

While Imbibe isn’t exclusively a coffee magazine, it does regularly feature compelling articles about coffee trends, guides, recipes, and independent coffee brands. You will also find information about cocktails, spirits, wine, and beer, along with other alcohol-free specialty beverages. This is a great choice for coffee-lovers who also appreciate the flavors and complexities of alcoholic beverages.

Barista Magazine

Does your loved one have an affinity for insider information about the coffee industry? Barista Magazine may be the perfect gift for them. Barista is a leading trade magazine for coffee communities around the world. You can expect to see exclusive interviews with top coffee experts and pioneers, international and local trends, barista-related news and trends, and much more.

We hope these coffee magazines help to inspire the coffee lover in your life. If you’re looking for something even more delicious for a coffee lover, how does the highest quality 100% Kona coffee in the world sound? Your loved one can be one of the first to experience artisanal coffee from our inaugural harvest, straight from our farm to your door.

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