Kona Coffee Holiday Gift Guide [2021]

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kona coffee holiday gift guide

Looking for a great holiday gift for the coffee lover in your life? Why don’t you impress them with some incredible Kona Coffee.

Kona Coffee is grown and processed in Kona, Hawaii which allows for some of the richest, most flavorful coffee in the world. The climate and the mineral-rich, porous volcanic soil of Kona allows for the coffee cherries to blossom into incredible coffee plants.

At Carta Coffee, we pride ourselves on producing only the best, 100% Kona Coffee you can find. We’re a small, family-owned, farm that produces and processes our coffee by hand. Everything from the picking to the sun drying and roasting is done by hand. We love what we do and we love the Kona Coffee that we produce on the farm and we know you will too.

100% Kona Coffee makes a great gift for any coffee lover. Kona coffee straight from Kona, Hawaii itself is like purchasing an amazing bottle of wine directly from the wine grower in France. Here are some gift suggestions that are sure to warm up any cup.

100% Kona Coffee Gifts

2 Oz. Bags Special – Captain’s Roast and Meridian Roast

One of the best ways to get introduced to our coffee is to pick up one of our sampler packs. This two-bag special includes one 2 oz. bag of our Captain’s Roast and one 2 oz. bag of our Meridian Roast.

The Captain’s Roast was our founder’s first signature roast is a blend of small batches and unique lots from Nolyssa Farm (our farm) and partner Kona farms, using both natural and traditional drying processes.

This coffee has a balance of smooth sweetness of the natural process and clean citrus highlights from the traditional approach. This is a great cup of coffee to start your day with!

The Meridian Roast is our lightest coffee and is a blend of small batches and unique lots from Carta’s own Nolyssa Farm and other small Kona farms. This coffee is created using both natural and traditional drying techniques which helps bring out the hints of citrus. You can also expect this coffee to have hints of hazelnut, dark chocolate, and subtle smoke. Its slightly sweet and creamy texture make for an incredible cup of coffee.


Peaberry – Kona Coffee

Looking for something a bit richer and more complex, then our Peaberry coffee is just what you need.

Our Peaberry coffee is produced from peaberries, which is a very special occurrence in coffee production. Instead of a coffee cherry having flat-sided pair beans, peaberries meld together to form a single rounded bean.

Coffees produced from peaberries tend to create a more complex and full-bodied flavor with notes of citrus blossoms, roasted almonds, caramel, and honey.

This is a great coffee for a coffee lover that can’t get enough of trying different types and varieties of coffee.


Black Friday Coffee Subscription

If you’re buying gifts for someone that drinks coffee every day and can’t stop talking about how good their coffee is, then this gift is perfect.

Carta Coffee Merchants offers a subscription plan where you, or your gift recipient, will receive a different type of Kona Coffee from Carta Coffee every month for three months.

This is a great way to get introduced to the world of Kona Coffee and what we have to offer here at Carta Coffee Merchants.

Here’s a taste of what you will receive:

  • First month; Latitude Black and Tan Roast and Peaberry 6oz ea.
  • Second month; SBS sampler 6oz ea
  • Third Month; Kuppa Kona and Roosters Cove 8oz ea


Carta Coffee Gift Card

We’ve all run into the problem of buying a gift for someone who is just too picky about what they eat and drink. Well, nothing solves that problem quite like a gift card!

If you’re not sure which types of Kona coffee your gift recipient would enjoy, a gift card is a great way to let them know you were thinking about them, while allowing them to choose the type of coffees they would like to try.

Coffee drinkers can be a picky bunch, but they also know what they like. At Carta Coffee we offer a variety of different types of Kona coffee that will appeal to all coffee drinkers, but sometimes it’s easiest just to take the guess work out of it.


100% Kona Coffee for the Holidays

There’s nothing quite like a nice warm cup of coffee on a cold winter’s morning. And there’s nothing quite like a cup of 100% Kona Coffee.

100% Kona Coffee is just that, 100% pure Kona coffee. Our coffees are not blends or mixes. We don’t dilute the flavor of Kona coffee by adding other beans to the mix. What you get from us is, and will always be, 100% pure Kona coffee grown on small family-owned coffee farms in Kona, Hawaii.

Once you try Kona coffee you’re never going to want to go back to other coffee types again.

Happy Holidays from all of us at the Carta Coffee Merchants.

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