10 Great Gifts for Coffee Fanatics

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Coffee fanatics are a special kind of people—and they deserve nothing less than a special kind of gift aimed to fill their caffeine-obsessed souls. As unapologetic coffee lovers ourselves (surprise!), here are ten gifts for coffee lovers that anyone who shares in our passion would be delighted to receive.

milk frother

1. Milk Frother

Got a coffee loving friend who’s looking to upgrade from the simple drip coffee into the world of fanicer drinks? Gifting them a high-quality milk frother is an excellent tool to help them make that leap. After all, what’s a latte or cappuccino without that luxurious, milky foam?

Plenty of great milk frothers are out there, but we love the PowerLix Portable Coffee Mixer for more than just its stylish look and powerful stainless steel whisk. It also comes with four art stencils and a powder shaker, letting your giftee become their home’s (and maybe even your) own personal barista.

pour over coffee maker

2. Pour Over Coffee Brewer

Even some of the biggest coffee fans have yet to discover this ultra-simple, and incredibly smooth way to prepare your morning cup. With less waste and more pure coffee flavor, the pour over has boomed in popularity, and for good reason.

Though there are more affordable options out there, why not gift them a high-quality glass pour over brewer with an included carafe? For example, this one from Coffee Gator gives them all they need for a new way to prepare some awesome cold brew.

coffee mug

3. A Coffee Mug

We know this sounds like an easy, incredibly obvious cop-out, but honestly, name a better way to give a coffee-centric gift that shows that you’re really thinking them? And let’s be real—who doesn’t need another coffee mug, especially if it fits their personality to a T?

Is your buddy obsessed with Legos? Then they’ll love this Lego Brick Coffee Mug that they can literally build on. Or for the cat lady in your life? You can bet she’ll love this pair of ridiculously cute cat mugs.

From Harry Potter to Wonder Woman to the love of coffee itself, somewhere out there is a coffee mug perfectly personal to the one you love.

french press to-go

4. To-Go French Press

We love the French press. However, one major downside is the lack of portability, as well as the time it takes to make it. For those always on-the-go, these setbacks turn the French press into a less than ideal coffee making option.

Not anymore! Recently, portable French presses have emerged, like the Presse by Bobble. In just three steps, and all in one waste-free container, French pressed coffee can be prepared in three minutes—at the single press of a button.

cold brew coffee

5. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

When it comes to coffee trends, it doesn’t get much hotter (or should we say cooler) than cold brew. Though there are several at-home methods to make cold brew using household items, why not help the caffeine addict in your life take it up a notch?

Carafes made specifically for cold brew coffee, like the RJ3 Cold Brew Maker from Ovalware, provides an airtight container for up to two weeks of freshness, and precise measurements to ensure the perfect batch every time.

caffeine module necklace

6. Caffeine Molecule Necklace

Perfect for the coffee-loving fashionista in your life, this quirky gold-plated Caffeine Molecule Necklace is sure to put a smile on their face. Also available in silver and rose gold, sometimes thinking of their style stands out more than adding another coffee-making appliance to their stockpile.

coffee wall art

7. Wall Art

Everyone can use a little something to spice up and personalize their home. For coffee lovers, what’s better than wall art that shows off the love for their favorite brew?

Unless you really know their at-home style, choose a classic design like this wooden, rustic design that will go with nearly every aesthetic. Now, every time they see this art proudly hanging on their wall, they’ll think of you—and coffee. What’s better than that?

coffee ice tray

8. Cool Beans Coffee Ice Tray

Few things are more frustrating than ordering a delicious iced coffee only to have those ice cubes melt, watering down and ruining the formally perfect summertime drink.

Avoid that frustrating feeling with Cool Beans, an ice tray that you fill with coffee rather than water. A great mix of funny and functional, any friend or family member hooked on cold coffee will love how their diluted drinks are now a thing of the past.

world atlas of coffee

9. World Atlas of Coffee

Written by James Hoffman, an all-around coffee expert, speaker, and the 2007 World Barista Champion, The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing–Coffees Explored, Explained and Enjoyed is a sure winner. Give this hardcover to any coffee drinker and they’ll be sucked in immediately.

Packed with gorgeous photos and providing readers with everything from how coffee is cultivated in Ethiopia to how to purchase more sustainable beans, everyone from the coffee snob to the friend who only drinks Folger’s will be instantly hooked.

coffee sampler

10. Coffee Bean Sampler

What’s one thing that every coffee fanatic can always use more of? Coffee! So why not give them the exact thing they love the most? The gifting of sampler packs is a wonderful way to let them experience roasters they may not have tasted before.

And since you’re here, check out the sampler packs from us at Carta Coffee Merchants, like our SBS Tasting Sampler or the Festival Special, both of which include our 100% pure Kona coffee roasted in two different ways.

Carta Coffee is proud to offer only the most exceptional, small-batch, hand-picked coffee beans from one of the best coffee growing regions on Earth. We’re confident your loved ones will savor every sip.

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