SBS Tasting Sampler: Latitude Natural Light & Dark

$ 52.50

100% Kona Coffee Beans, Two Ways $52.50

A fun and exciting way to explore and learn about coffee, Carta Coffee’s SBS Tasting Sampler is a two-bag sampler, highlighting a side-by-side offering of beans processed in two different ways. Taste, compare, enjoy! From our farm to your cup.

Our sampler showcases two different roasting techniques – a lighter and darker roast - using the same beans, each impacting the coffee’s flavor and body. Here you’ll find 6 ounces each of Latitude Natural Process, sourced from Carta’s own Nolyssa Farm and small Kona partner farms.  This sampler is presented in a special gift package directly from the farm.

Details About Latitude Natural Process:

  • Complex sweet, smooth and nutty notes
  • Natural drying process used, involving the full coffee cherry being dried directly under the sun
  • Darker Roast (chocolate brown label): earthier, deeper, smoky tobacco notes, balanced by notable, yet smooth acidity
  • Lighter Roast (Light brown label): higher citrus notes, citrus blossom, tempered by light earthiness and nutty character.


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