What is a Good Coffee for Non-Coffee Drinkers?

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coffee for non-coffee drinkers

Taste buds differ from person to person, which means that not everyone is going to enjoy that delicious cup of coffee that you pour every morning. And as much as you try to get that non-coffee drinker to appreciate the incredible flavors that coffee delivers, not everyone is going to be as open to trying it.

The same can actually be said about coffee drinkers themselves. Not every coffee drinker likes their coffee black, not every coffee drinker likes espresso or lattes, or those other sugar and cream filled coffees.

Coffee is very much an acquired taste, but there may be some coffee-based drinks that non-coffee drinkers can start with to help them work up towards a more traditional cup of joe.

Best Coffee Drinks for Non-Coffee Drinkers

Coffee drinks don’t always have to taste like coffee. Coffee shops offer up a variety of different types of coffee drinks that can range from mild to extremely sweet depending on your tastes.

Let’s take a look at some coffee drinks you can get at just about any local coffee house that won’t leave that bitter coffee taste in your mouth.

Caffe Latte

This drink is a coffee drink mixed with milk that results in a creamier, less coffee-tasting, beverage that most people that don’t like coffee can enjoy.

To create this drink all you need is espresso and milk. Fill your cup up 1/3 of the way with an espresso shot and then 2/3 with milk and you’re ready to go.

Due to the ratio of milk to coffee, and the way the coffee and milk interact, you’re left with a delectable drink that beginner coffee drinkers tend to fall in love with. It’s easy to drink and will give you that slight burst of energy that coffee drinks provide.

Pumpkin spice lattes are extremely popular during the fall season in the United States. For this drink the barista will add some spices to the mix to give it that “pumpkin spice flavor”. Note, that there is actually no pumpkin involved in making this drink.

Mocha Latte

If you’re looking for a drink that combines the flavor profile of coffee with the sweetness of sugar and chocolate, then the mocha is the perfect place to start.

Most non-coffee drinkers don’t like the taste of coffee, so having a drink like this that masks most of the coffee taste with sugar and chocolate is a great way to introduce coffee into your life.

Like a latte, this coffee drink only uses about 1 shot of espresso, while the rest of the cup is filled with hot chocolate and either a milk froth or whipped cream. It is then finished with a sprinkle of either cocoa powder or cinnamon.

This is a great coffee drink to have on a brisk fall or winter day.


A cappuccino is going to be a little bit stronger than the two drinks above, but if you want to start enjoying coffee for what it is, you’re going to have to step up at some point.

Cappuccino drinks use more espresso than what a latte would use, which is why you’ll get more of that coffee flavor coming through with each sip. The layer of espresso is topped with steamed milk and that is then topped with a layer of thick foam.

You’ll still get the sweeter, milky taste that you’re used to from the latte, but with more espresso in the drink you’ll also get the coffee taste that we can’t live without.

Finding The Best Coffee Drink for a Non-Coffee Drinker

When it boils down to it a non-coffee drinker doesn’t like coffee because of the “coffee taste” that comes along with the beverage. The best way to ease into coffee, or to begin to enjoy the coffee flavor, is to start with a drink that has a small amount of coffee as well as something that adds sweetness to the cup.

Most local coffee shops will be able to accommodate you on your desire to have a less coffee tasting drink, but if you travel overseas to countries that take their coffee very seriously, you may have to deal with some looks from the locals if you order a drink loaded with sugars.

Coffee purists will argue that black coffee is the only way to go and that loading a coffee drink with sugars, chocolate, milk, and other outside elements goes against drinking coffee in the first place.

Don’t listen to them.

We love coffee, but we also love when other people enjoy our coffee. So, if that means you must add some milk or sugar to your cup in order to enjoy it, then so be it. If you consider yourself a non-coffee drinker, but you enjoy those types of drinks, you’re a coffee drinker in our eyes.

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