The Perfect New Year’s Day Breakfast and Coffee Pairings [2023]

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new years breakfast coffee pairings

The new year is upon us, and you know what that means!

No, we’re not talking about making another New Year’s resolution that you’ll give up on after a few weeks. We’re talking about putting together a delicious New Year’s Day breakfast spread that will help you recover from the festivities of the night before, while also pairing well with your favorite cup of coffee.

After ringing in the new year, celebrating however you choose to celebrate, there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, starting off the new year with a delicious breakfast and an amazing cup of coffee is just the thing everyone needs to get going on the right foot.

The new year is for new beginnings. It’s for setting those goals you never though possible, it’s for beginning your journey to accomplish those goals. It’s for getting your life on track and living how you want to live. And while all of these things can be done at any point during any given year, January 1st is a great reason to really buckle down and plan how you want your future to look.

And there’s no better way to get motivated on an empty stomach!

Let’s take a look at some great New Year’s Day breakfast ideas that will pair amazingly with your favorite cup of coffee.

Breakfast and Coffee Pairings

Pretty much any breakfast food is going to go well with coffee, but some foods just pair a little better than others. These foods can bring out the best in your coffee while your coffee can bring out the best in the foods.

Pancakes or Waffles

There are some foods that are just synonymous with breakfast and pancakes and waffles are two of those foods.

Go to any diner or breakfast restaurant and you’ll almost always find a variety of different pancakes and waffles on the menu. Whether you’re looking for more traditional buttermilk varieties or something a bit fancier with chocolate or fruit, you’ll always find some flavor combination that appeals to you.

Pancakes and waffles, with butter and syrup, are great when combined with a nice warm cup of coffee.

Scrambled Eggs and Toast

Aside from pancakes and waffles, what’s another food that is typically associated with breakfast… eggs. Eggs provide protein and nutrition that is a perfect start to the morning. They are easy to make and can be cooked in a variety of different ways.

If you’re like us, we love to pair our eggs with a side of buttered toast, but we also enjoy it topped with jelly or jam as well.

Combine eggs and toast with a nice warm cup of coffee and you’re in for a treat. Add a side of pancakes with it and you’ve got a great American breakfast that goes perfect with a cup of joe.

Coffee Cake and Donuts

Want to add some sweetness to your New Year’s breakfast plate, but don’t want to indulge in syrup, then coffee cake and donuts are a great alternative.

Still sweet, but not overloaded with sugar, these treats are perfectly made to pair with a cup of coffee, especially if you’re in a hurry. They are also super portable and easy. There are lots of great pre-made coffee cakes you can buy at the store, while the number of incredible donut shops popping up around the country seems to increase every day.

Nothing goes together quite like a cup of coffee and a donut.

Bacon and Smoked Salmon

Salty foods and coffee pair extremely well, especially if you like to drink your coffee black, or more on the bitter side.

The saltiness of both bacon and smoked salmon can cut through some of the bitterness of your coffee to provide you with a delicious pick-me-up in the morning. The fat from the foods can also help to cure any ailments you may be suffering from due to celebrating the new year the night before.

New Year’s Day Breakfast and Coffee

We love celebrating the new year with family and friends, and what better way to keep the celebration going than by having a great breakfast to kick things off.

No matter what you’re having for breakfast on New Year’s Day, a great cup of coffee is sure to start you off on the right foot as we move into 2023. Get your energy up and start thinking about all the things you want to accomplish this year as you also reflect on your trials and tribulations from the previous year.

Happy New Year to all of our customers, you guys are the reasons we do what we do. Here’s to another great year of producing some of the best 100% Kona coffee you can find!

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