3 of our Favorite Summer Coffee Drinks

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Looking for something delicious and refreshing to sip on this summer? Coffee can be a great way to give your body that extra boost it needs to get through these long summer days. And let’s be honest, you’re probably going to be drinking coffee anyways, so why not try some of our favorite refreshing summer coffee drinks.

When most people think of coffee their minds immediately go to a hot beverage, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of cold or iced coffee drinks that will help cool you off on those warm summer days.

Summer Coffee Drinks

Vanilla Iced Coffee

It’s hard to go wrong with your basic vanilla iced coffee. This incredible coffee drink is super simple to make and if you’re a coffee drinker you may already have all the ingredients.


  • Vanilla simple syrup
  • Brewed coffee that has been chilled
  • Cream
  • Cup with ice

The first thing you’ll want to do is brew your coffee if you haven’t already. Once it’s brewed you’ll want to put it in the fridge for a while to cool it down.

You’ll need cool coffee for this recipe since you’ll be pouring it over ice and pouring warm coffee over the ice will cause the ice to melt and water down the drink.

Next, take a glass of ice and pour your vanilla simple syrup over the ice. Everyone has different tastes so we suggest starting with a little, then adding the coffee and cream, and you can then add more syrup if you need more.

After you’ve added your initial syrup and your coffee until the glass is almost full, leave some room for the cream.

Obviously next we’ll be adding the cream as a topper.

Try the drink and if it needs more syrup feel free to add more.

Cold Brew Float

A great way to cool down this summer is with ice cream, so what could be better than ice cream in your coffee!


  • Cold Brew Coffee
  • Vanilla Ice Cream

This is a simple one to make, you’ll just need to be sure to prepare a pot of coffee and chill it in the fridge beforehand.

Once you have your cold brew coffee, place 2-3 scoops of ice cream into a glass and then fill the rest of the glass with your coffee. This is a great after dinner coffee drink that gives you a little bit of dessert mixed with your coffee.

Coffee Lemonade

What is the most refreshing drink you can think of when it comes to summer… lemonade of course! Lemonade is a staple of hot summer days, and what better way to combine summer and your love of coffee than with this delicious beverage.

We know that this doesn’t sound like the most obvious combination of ingredients, but to our surprise it’s actually quite good.


  • Lemonade
  • Cold Brew Coffee

As with the cold brew float, this drink is extremely easy to make and only requires two ingredients. The key here is to make sure you get the right ratio of lemonade to coffee. We suggest a 2:1 (or even 3:1) ratio of coffee to lemonade to start and you can always add more lemonade. We’ve seen some people that opt for a 1:1 ratio, but we feel like that’s a little overpowering on the lemonade side for our tastes.

Essentially you just want to pour the ingredients over ice into a glass and enjoy.

There are other recipes for this drink that you can find, but to keep it simple and to the point we like to use this recipe on those hot summer days.

Summer of Coffee

While a lot of people tend to think coffee is always a hot drink that does not pair well with a summer day, cold brew coffee has changed all that. Cold brew coffee drinks are the perfect way to get your coffee fix while also beating the heat on those hot summer days.

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