SBS Tasting Sampler: Latitude Natural Two Farms

$ 45.00

100% Kona Coffee Beans, Two Ways $58.00   Special $45.00

A fun and exciting way to explore and learn about coffee, Carta Coffee’s SBS Tasting Sampler is a two-bag sampler, highlighting a side-by-side offering of beans processed in two different ways. Taste, compare, enjoy! From our farm to your cup.

Our sampler showcases two farms in Kona. The coffee was dried using the natural process, and the coffee beans were roasted the same. The black label is our own Nolyssa farm, and the light brown label with the Kona Organica sticker is the other farm.  Kona Organica is used in the blend of beans in the Artist series.

Details About Latitude Natural Process:

  • Complex sweet, smooth and nutty notes
  • Natural drying process used, involving the full coffee cherry being dried directly under the Kona sun
  • The coffee's have an earthier, deeper, smoky tobacco, chocolate notes, balanced by notable, yet smooth acidity and hints of citrus.


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