Peaberry SBS 100% Kona Coffee, Two ways

$ 55.00

Peaberry SBS 100% Kona Coffee Beans, two ways


A fun and exciting way to explore and learn about coffee! Carta Coffee's SBS tasting sampler is a two-bag sampler, highlighting a side-by-side offering of coffee beans processed in two different ways.  Taste, compare, and Enjoy

This sampler includes two 6 oz bags of our Peaberry, roasted the same but with two different drying techniques. Natural and Traditional.  Coffee is from our Nolyssa farm and other small Kona partner farms.

Peaberry Natural

  • 100% Kona Coffee
  • Sun dried 
  • Dried in the coffee cherry skin
  • Notes of chocolate and dark fruit

Peaberry Traditional

  • 100% Kona Coffee
  • Sun dried
  • Wet method processing
  • Notes of citrus and honey


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