Carta Coffee Merchants SBS (Side-by-Side) Tasting Sampler

$ 47.00

100% Kona Coffee Beans -- Two Ways

A fun and exciting way to explore and learn about coffee, Carta Coffee’s SBS Tasting Sampler is a two-bag sampler, highlighting a side-by-side offering of beans processed in two different ways. This first sampler showcases two different drying techniques, Natural and Traditional, each impacting the coffee’s flavor and body.

6 ounces each of Latitude Traditional Process and Latitude Natural Process, sourced from Carta’s own Nolyssa Farm and small Kona partner farms. First harvest. Presented in a special gift package directly from the farm.

Details About Latitude Traditional Process: 

  • Clean, bright flavor with distinct citrus notes
  • Traditional "wet" method used, involving the mechanical extraction of the bean from the cherry, followed and washing to remove impurities and remnants

Details About Latitude Natural Process:

  • Complex sweet, smooth and nutty notes
  • Natural drying process used, involving the full coffee cherry being dried directly under the sun

"100% Kona Coffee from Carta Coffee Merchants is both dynamic and delicious"

-Travel by ENTREE

Curious as to why 100% Kona is priced differently than other coffees you are familiar with? Read this article from our blog to find out!

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