Artist Series New label and last label special

$ 60.00


Artist Series 2 labels, 2 bag special

You will get one of each bag while supplies last, this is the first chance to get the new label.  $60.00 for both! Regular price is $76.00

  • 100% Kona

  • Sun Dried

  • Blend of Natural and Traditional Process

  • Blend of  Kona Farms

  • 8 oz bag size


Artist Series blends are comprised of different Kona coffee farms producing exceptional Kona Coffee.  All the farms are located in the Kona coffee belt, growing coffee on the slopes of Hualalai (8,271 ft)  One farm is certified organic; the coffee cherry from this farm brings nice acid and fruit to the blend.  Another farm from a long time Kona family brings nutty, tobacco aroma, this family can also be found giving tours in a Historical Outrigger in Kealakekua Bay.  The final farm is our own Nolyssa farm, the coffee cherry giving chocolate and citrus notes with smooth sweet finish.  All the coffee was dried both Natural and wet milled without fermentation in water.  

The Artist is Norman Kekki a California-based artist who graduated from the Academy of Art University of San Francisco with a BFA in Illustration and a particular emphasis in wildlife.  Outside of his artwork, he is very passionate about coffee, music, and sunsets and feels drawn to the beauty of Hawaii.  Artists contact info to see more of his work, please visit his Instagram @normankekkiartworks

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