Artist Series

$ 35.00

Artist Series

  • 100% Kona

  • Sun Dried

  • Blend of Natural and Traditional Process

  • Blend of Peaberry and Organic Beans

  • 8 oz bag size

 "not your average label but a miniature work of art"

 "Scott delivers again with a outstanding blend of Kona Coffee"

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Artist Series, the beans in this blend are Peaberry and Organic beans, all 100% Kona.  The organic beans are from a local farmer, and I like the coffee  produce on the farm, good acid and fruit from the organic beans. It works well with chocolate and dried fruit notes of Peaberry, so the Artist series was born. 

The label evokes the feel of the farm, in a beautiful way.  The farm cat (pork chop) does spend time watching the farm from the deck.  The life cycle of coffee from flower and bees to ripe cherry to the coffee in the bag is my life.  I truly do enjoy growing coffee here in Kona and producing great cups of coffee.

The Artist is Norman Kekki a California-based artist who graduated from the Academy of Art University of San Francisco with a BFA in Illustration and a particular emphasis in wildlife.  Outside of his artwork, he is very passionate about coffee, music, and sunsets and feels drawn to the beauty of Hawaii.  Artists contact info or to see more of his work, please visit or Instagram @ normankekkiartworks

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